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POP Kittens

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This is a generous free spin bonus round that offers a wealth of modifiers to generate more awkward action as well as real cash rewards. In addition, the most important thing is that players who like to play real money games can chase wool balls and hunt down four jackpots. The wide range of chips is widely available, ranging from 5x to 500x. Your offline bets come from low-cost payouts and three kittens offer 200x to 1000x line bets.




The special cash boost feature in the base game comes from the scatter symbol of the gingerfish caught in the bowl from the poor goldfish. Five fun little animations on the reel will reward you with a 50x multiplier of your total bet.

Panthera Pardus

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The amount won depends on which symbol appears, from the highest 24x line to 10, to 60x for A. The second placed Panther will be stacked in 6 matches, or the orange cat will fill the reel 8 or 10 free spins, depending on the choice.




A pair of yellow and orange panthers can win prizes of up to 120x or 180x. Purple cats are the most popular symbols and only need to be on the 1st and 2nd reels on the payline. The full line value of these lines is 240x, which is 300 times the line stock, while the special wild symbols return the best prizes, and if you can complete the winning combination, you can replace any of the above.

Resurrection Dragons

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Even the playing card symbol is gold, and when K or A appears, when 10 or J stops on 3, 4 and 5 reels, even 10x, 25x and 250x lines, and 20x, 75x and 500x. The value of a blue spell book and dragon statue is 50 times, 200 times and 1,000 times, respectively, while the elaborate golden bowl and the phoenix rising from the flame are each worth 1,400 times. A fierce faucet gets the best prize in the normal game, the number of lines that land on the player is 2,400 times, although the special wild coin symbol is worth a try



Queen Femida

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The action takes place in five reels and four rows. There are 25 fixed victory lines, which can be placed between 20 and 20,000 yuan per rotation. The advantage of this title is that it provides a cascading reel, which makes it possible to initiate a free re-spin for each rotation. This means that in a cascading reel, whenever a successful combination is triggered, its participants will disappear and be replaced with new pictograms for free, to get another, or even several other chances of victory.



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The symbol includes a paper fan, which is four times the value of the line shares when it is on the 1, 2 and 3 reels of the payline, and four of them pay 12 times and 5 are worth 50 times. Crossed swords, a deadly throwing star and a warrior's mask are worth more, and high-value symbols are made up of heroes themselves. Although there are no special symbols or multipliers, up to 30 bonus games should be enough to win some victories before the end of the round.



Another bonus game is very special, starting when the traditional house symbol stops on reels 1, 2 and 3. Players will see four opponents on a map, the purpose of which is to let the leading warrior cross the other side and defeat every bad guy who walks all the way until a big coin wins.


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With a few extra bonus games, jackpots and big bonuses, this slot will definitely compete for the dominance of IGT's Cleopatra titles. Ra the God of Sun can be played on the latest web browsers, and we've found that mobile-optimized versions work well on most tablets and smartphones.



There is a wild symbol in the slot to replace all regular symbols except bonuses and jackpots. If you arrange five symbols on the victory line, it is called Mighty Wild and rewards up to 30 times the total bet. Wildness will also be stacked to fill the entire reel and lock into place. When this happens, the player gets three free spins.


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With just 2 character symbols, it's easier to arrange the winning lines for these high-value icons. The geisha girl is 10 times, 40 times or 300 times the amount of the bet per turn. The highest victory comes from the samurai himself, who pays 10 times, 100 times or 500 times. Any 2-door symbol that appears in the bonus game will re-trigger the turn, but will grant a fixed number of 8 rotations.


The smaller prizes are awarded by the 10, J, Q, K and A symbols, each of which is colorful and the style complements the overall theme. Helping the complete winning combination is a seemingly fierce samurai mask with a crossed sword as a wild symbol.


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Flowers and vines are wrapped around them. The African-style soundtrack will be great, but when the reel spins, loud ringing and mechanical noise will drown it, so many players may mute it very quickly.



A beautiful pink and purple flower is a wild symbol that appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4, but if the player places a matching symbol on the reel and there is a gap in the sequence, if the wild is on the correct reel After completing it, they still get paid for the victory.

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