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The Pussy888 Casino Application is the latest online casino game in 2019. Choose from over 80 classic games on Android or iPhone. Pussy888 includes a variety of slot games, arcade games, multiplayer games and live casino games. The game has high quality graphics and animation, but also smooth and easy to use.

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A Night Out

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Symbols include turtles, Chinese schools, seahorses, shells, and special symbols such as dolphins (alternatives), yachts (scattering) and tang fish (aka addicted fish). Other symbols include the water-containing versions of A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. When at least 3 of the paylines appear, all symbols are paid. If you ask us, these symbols are more like homes in a game like Suibao than on a marine-themed slot machine.




During this function, the bonus fish can use the reel 3 to replace all other symbols except the scattered yacht. When Bonus Fish is replaced with a winning combination, a 2X, 4X, 8X multiplier will be applied to the winning. The multiplier is accumulated up to 16 times. You can re-trigger the bonus spin by getting 3 or more scattered yachts during the free spin. As usual, the RTG jackpot can be won at the end of any random spin.

Beach Life

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Beach life is designed to keep players away from everyday life and to the tropics, where the sun shines every day. The cartoon universe in the game has endless beaches, palm trees and huge sun umbrellas, calm sea blue. The entire screen is covered by bright colors of symbols and game layouts. Although the graphics itself is relatively simple, it is a truly eye-catching person.





The most common icons belong to the ice cream category. These five delicious sugary snacks bring a relatively modest amount of spending, but often appear on reels. You will find different flavors, from tropical fruits to chocolate and strawberries, to name a few. Surfers, sunbathing women and scuba divers rank first in the list of basic symbols. These three characters are even rarer in the game, but they all bring a very substantial cash reward - especially five combinations. So stay focused and land as much as possible throughout the game.

Age Of Egypt

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These well-designed symbols appear on five reels, with 20 paylines passing through them, all in the background of pyramids and giant statues. It looks great, although the accompanying soundtrack doesn't sound like Egypt to us, it's more like elevator music, but we can't have everything. What we have is a high rate of return, as well as the fairness and reliability guarantees of independent certifications brought by all Playtech online games.




Longer running is equal to a higher bonus. Although the poker symbols are the lowest value, you can expect them to complete most of the winning combinations, and the comments on the odds table show that the 10 symbols return 5 times, 15 times or 50 times the amount of bets per line seen on the 3 lines. 4 or 5 reels. The J, Q, K and A icons are worthy of stability, and the bigger rewards come from Egyptian themed symbols.

Berry Berry Bonanza

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There are no prizes to guess the theme of the Berry Berry Bonanza video slot. It is available in a roll-to-roll package with symbols of juicy berries, rich in color, shape and value. You can almost try these seemingly realistic symbols, especially when you get a winning combination each time they pop up from the screen.




We will never recommend eating a berry that you don't know, but anyone who has ever played a fruit machine will be familiar with cherries. They seem to be one of the most popular symbols in these games, usually paying the smallest prizes. However, the cherry symbol in this slot has been given a different job. It is a wild symbol that, like any other berry, completes the combination when it falls in the right place. Wild symbols can fill a gap in a series of matching symbols, or you can win a higher bonus with an extra scroll extension. It is also a multiplier symbol, so whenever it completes a line, you win twice the basic value of the berry symbol. The field only falls on two, three and four reels, and it has no value in itself.


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To start an adventure, you need to choose your bet. All 243 paylines play a role in the game, so each spin will give you the best chance of winning. You can still change your bet by changing your coin value from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 0.25.




The way to add more fun and interest to this Robin Hood theme slot is to take advantage of the optional gambling feature. You can choose to click the Gambling button to transfer it to the new screen instead of receiving a bonus after winning the spin. Here, you have the opportunity to double your gambling in multiples of 50/50. This symbol represents all other symbols in the game except for the scatter to create more potential winning combinations. Another happy symbol to note is the cross arrow scatter symbol. This symbol triggers any symbol with an arrow border to expand and fill the reel.

Buffalo Blitz

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The icon of this slot machine has some detailed and clear illustrations to capture a variety of creatures in a fairly traditional way. It's undeniable that this game may not appeal to players who use 3D animation to make some truly spectacular spins, but it is certainly enough to make people see its unique window in nature.




The top multiplier value of 300x may not sound like the world's most valuable jackpot. However, players should remember that this tiger opportunity often pays relatively less victories. More importantly, the buffalo icons are stacked on a reel, so it is possible to get multiple wins for the total number of bonuses at once.

Banana Monkey

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Everyone knows that monkeys like bananas... our monkeys are no exception. So here you can collect the bananas into the basket under the reel and treat the monkeys by catching bananas on the screen. Collect at least 4 fruits in the same basket and you can change 3x multiples and 8 free spins!




More importantly, here you can promote each award. Yes. But in this case you have to take risks... Are you ready? Then grab a winning combination and play all or nothing! Improve your sixth sense and win-win situation. The rules are simple. All you have to do is choose a card that is higher than the dealer. But think twice before choosing a victory, because if you are wrong, you will lose everything... if you are a lucky demon today and enrich yourself

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