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Most online gambling sites do offer free online casino bonuses for 3Win8 hobbies. Don't forget to ask for a free credit report. Still, how does the free bonus help win the grand prize from the competition?

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Some suggestions can make an individual win bigger. Get a free slot machine game bonus for Game ID. Most online gambling sites do offer free online casino bonuses for 3Win8 hobbies. Don't forget to ask for a free credit report.

Sea Captain

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Sea Captain is a fun game, but without any fancy graphics or animations. The sound effects are just like any other RTG game. The standards of the days in which it appeared have become obsolete today's standards. 1 star down.


The value of victory is the same. The squid is a symbol of the wild, it will not pay for itself, it will only double any victory. Sea Captain is a Scatter symbol that pays for 5 types of 200 x, with the highest payment symbol paying 2500 x line bets, and each of the other symbols correspondingly reduces the value of the win. There is nothing to be aware of, except for the random Jackpot Award, which is a standard feature of all RTG games.

Striper Night

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Look at the wild symbol, which appears as the X2 logo. As you might expect, this is a wild multiplier, and the value of any victory it forms with its help doubles. As an alternative, it will help all regular winning combinations.


Another symbol with feature triggering is the Bonus Glitter Ball. This scatter symbol is required anywhere in the field of view, and if there are three or more, the game will trigger a bonus rotation for you. As a big bonus, in the free spin mode, the symbols are paid as scattered. This means that they do not need to land on a continuous reel, which is how they form a combination during a paid spin. Even before the bonus spin starts, you get a cash bonus, even up to 500 times the bet.

Silent Samurai

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The Aztec Temple and the Colosseum, with 5 reel video slots, solve the elusive past of the Rising Sun. Until the silent warrior came here, ubiquitously hit us all from the sacred heart of medieval history with some exciting spins.


The Playtech slot machine helps transport players through a game screen full of iconic images of Japanese culture. First of all, the color scheme is full of red, black and gold, giving the traditional Shinto architecture the same gorgeous appearance. The game's universal playing card icons are designed to mimic the brush strokes of Japanese calligraphy.


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Playing cards have also been carefully designed to suit prehistoric themes (although we hope that slot machine manufacturers will limit these symbols to video poker games rather than slot machines). During free spin, place the T-Rex symbol on the reel, then he will eat all other dinosaurs, then replace them with T-Rex symbols and pay for the resulting winning combination. This feature can be retriggered.


First of all, don't be afraid when you face the seemingly intimidating T-Rex on the reel, because he is a symbol of the wild, and in addition to the Dino Eggs to complete the payment combination, all on the reel Replace other symbols.

Silver Bullet Slot

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Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the value of the coin, and you can use the “Bet One” button to cycle through the payline. It is very difficult to get extra cash with the Silver Bullet. The lack of special features is one of the main reasons why games have never really caught on and have achieved great success.


You can also press "Bet Max" to press each available payline and press the "Rotate" button to start the game. Overall, the Silver Bullet proved to be a very easy to adjust and control game.

Tally's Ho

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This icon is really handy because it replaces the other symbols to complete the payline and doubles the win. The only icon that the Mustang will not fill out is the Scattering trumpet, which will be paid regardless of whether it appears on a valid payline. Now it's worth blowing your trumpet!


Although this slot machine has a fairly simple aesthetic, it does have 10 cute little rewards for free spins. When a person is lucky enough to encounter 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols, the game is activated. Unfortunately, there are no extra special symbols in these free spins, but they can be retriggered if enough scatter reappears.


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Until you check the gameplay. Sparta is built on two different reels. The coins are distributed on two sets of reels starting at 0.01. Therefore, the minimum actual cash spin is set to 0.10 and the maximum is 20.00.


Our comments on Sparta show that RTP is 96.12%. This is the average value for the Merkur Gaming slot. The wild symbol replaces all regular symbols in the game. If you like to transfer slots for wild symbols, you will definitely get a place from this game. Writing a Spartan comment reminds us of WMS games that use similar features, such as Bruce Lee's story.

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