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In 2005, Gamesofa created the popular social networking site Miniworld. In 2008, Gamesofa pioneered the use of the latest network technology and specialized R&D and expert marketing strategies to enable the company to expand its business into the gaming market, enabling the development of 20 platforms across multiple platforms including Android, Android and iOS. Franchise, which reinforces Gamesofa's reputation as Taiwan's leading game development company.

Play Luxy Poker Now  

Gamesofa's motto "Five Minutes of Fun" reflects the company's core philosophy of providing a fun and casual multiplayer experience. With the birth of "Godgame Mahjong", Gamesofa successfully brought the first online mahjong game to Taiwan. Gamesofa has achieved success with the world's first browser-based 3D shooting game, Guns Rush. Recently, Gamesofa has gone international, breaking into the Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese markets, launching a localized Texas Hold'em app in the Indian teen Patty, "and the Russian 3D tank battle game," the tank hit. “Overall, Gamesofa has a global user base of 50 million registered players and over 2 million daily active users. Gamesofa's vision is to provide a product that will make your day a better place by offering players a relaxed and fun and competitive game. Energetic, winning a round of competition can make your happiness multiply. When you feel depressed, the fun of friendly matches can bring you a smile. Gamesofa is not just for getting customers, but for making lifelong friends, so Gamesofa's products allow users to play games without pressure anytime, anywhere. Instead of spending hours on the screen, our games provide players with the necessary ways to relax while providing more time for their friends, family and loved ones.



💋How to contact our customer service?

Overall customer service ready in 24 hours, they will threaten you well here. 24/7 non-stop service, the immediate goal is to increase customer satisfaction and fulfill their needs. Customers are our first priority. Any requests regarding withdrawals, you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp or WeChat. Find them for any problem.


🤗What is and Luxy Poker? is a great platform which generates side income for our VVIP members and service guidelines on how to manage in system. Customers service is friendly to guide you one-on-one, to be an intelligent and strategical professional player. In additional, over a hundred of mini games which can be found in, enhancing the most epic experience in gaming and exclusive winning prizes amount, up to 1 million Ringgit. 

Luxy Poker is created and built by Gamesofa. Gamesofa was founded in 2005 with the creation of the popular social website Miniworld. In 2008, Gamesofa's pioneering use of the best emerging web technologies together with specialized research and development and expert marketing strategies enabled the company to expand operations into the gaming market, since then developing 20 franchises across multiple platforms including web, Android and iOS, all of which has cemented Gamesofa's reputation as the leading game development company in Taiwan.

Play Luxy Poker Now


🎨 Doubt play on pc?

Without a doubt. You may use pc to open this game. To be the most suitable and comfortable experience, the best method is using smartphone device (IOS & Android).


🎳How to put your money into your game credit?

As always, your first deposit in cash is credited to your game account by contacting customer service. Your next deposit will be the same, first to contact inform the customer, and continue to perform the transfer action.


☀Where can I get a demo account?

Contact our customer service, asking for demo account in Luxy Poker. They will do full assistant on you and provide good service. 

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