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Minimum age to register as a member and open an account through Nusa21 is 18 years old. Each member is required to remember and keep their account username and password confidential.

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🎊How to contact us customer service 24/7?

Customer service has been used through online communication tools, Whatsapp, Wechat, Telegram and online website ( to be done. The most important thing is the convenience of the customer. Which you want to convey, which you may use to contact us as well. Here are the contacts that players can go through.


💋What is Nusa21? 

Nusa21 is a trusted soccer agent site in Indonesia that provides online soccer betting, online casino, online poker and online lottery since year 2013. Nusa21 has partnered with the most popular trusted gambling sites in Southeast Asia such as SBOBET, MAXBET, 368bet, Juno4D and others. .

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As a trusted football agent in Indonesia, Nusa21 provides satisfaction and convenience to every Nusa21 customer by providing a reliable 24/7 support team to answer your every question via Livechat and Whatsapp. Nusa21 also uses the latest data security methods that guarantee 100% security and confidentiality of our member data. Immediately join Nusa21.


❤How to register an account for Nusa21?

If you are interested in working as a member, find us online using Telegram, WeChat, Whatsapp and online chat boxes. Chat with our customer service about you want to register a new account for Nusa21. Customer service will help you until the end of the complete registration. Be ready for your full name, phone number and age. Let customer service confirm and help you in the process. Give them a few minutes and it will be over.

>>> Notice⚠: Username must be given for the real name and real number by each participant. Otherwise, the account will not be approved and will be suspended if it has anonymous information.


🎈How can I open an account on betting sites such as sportsbooks, online casinos, etc.?

Please register first to become our member ( After becoming our member you can open an available betting site account.


🍟How to withdraw credit from account?

Just talk to the customer service you want to do the withdrawal action. They will help you and the minimum is RM50.


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