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IOS Installation Guideline: 



1. Search for "" and find 3win8 in "Download" section. 



2. Select Download 3Win8 in IOS version.



3. Wait the installation to complete. Need taking few minutes to completion. 

4. Untrusted Enterprise Developer will be shown as below. Just click "Cancel" to skip the notification. 

5. Go forward to "Setting" in your device. 

6. Go to Setting >>> General. 

7. Proceed to "Device Management".

8. Select "Nice starhill sdn bhd". 

9. Then, trust the enterprise below.


10. Then, click "Trust" again for accessing into the game. 

11. Finally, you may successfully getting into our 3Win8 game by entering your own account. Enjoy!!!



🧨How to contact for more information?

Our customer service is normal and helpful. We help first-time users and frequently asked questions. If you need help with our games, services, registration, recharge and exit, you can contact us via live chat, telegram, Whatsapp or WeChat. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Registration, top-up and withdrawal services are available online, and other reasons to contact us are also accepted.

🚦What games can I find in 3Win8?

3Win8 provides many exciting high-quality high definition mini-games, and 3Win8 has it all if you want. As many as one hundred game types are available for players to choose from, and players can also enjoy a free trial version of the demo account game in advance (all players have a number of free credit games). Examples of games:

#1 Highway Kings (🧧hot recommended🧧)

#2 Dynamite Reels (🔔highest rating🔔)

#3 Jingle Winnings

>>> 3Win8 also prepare many series of table games (Baccarat, Roulette, Sic-bo and other card games are waiting for players to figure out.). 

#4 Online Baccarat

#5 Sea Fish Catching Game (💋New Available Version💋)

💖How to get our official certification account?

#1 Contact us online to inform you that you want to open an account for 3Win8 gaming purposes.

#2 Provide your name and phone number to our customer support to ensure that all information is correct and difficult to change. Wait a few minutes for them to process your ID registration.

#3 After you have an account, you can also directly deduct some credits from your game account by topping up your balance, because the first time you enter the balance, it is zero "0".

#4 Use your real account to play and win more points in 3Win8. Please enjoy! ! !


🍜How to involve 3Win8 by starting your first experience? 

***It is recommended that players should experience the demo in the demo mode to enjoy your experience. When the game loses, it does not cost the player money/credit. The creation of this demo account is for users who play the game for the first time. 3Win8 developers have done a very good job in cultivating the interests and hobbies of new players.

After players become familiar with 3Win8, they may have put some bets in their wallets to spend in the game. At least RM50 of wallet amount can be withdrawn for each transaction.


💎Which device can be used to open 3Win8?

Iphone >>> 1. Download from us in IOS version. 2. Trust the related game enterprise given as in the installation guidelines. 3. Make sure you have your game account! 4. Enjoy!!!


Android devices (Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo etc) >>> 1. Download apk file from us (all the files are same). 2. Make sure you're open your receiving "Unknown Sources" so enable for downloading your application. 3. After download have done, make sure you have your game account! 4. Enjoy your first trial start!!! 


Windows (PC, Laptops etc) >>> 1. Download exe file provided in our download page. 2. Follow the instruction and select "Agree". 3. You may open you game by using your account. 4. Enjoy!!! Any problem may considered to get info from our customer support. 


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