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Live22 has been providing quality online slot games for many people and has been winning huge commercial and jackpots. This slot games feature immersive graphic design that is compatible with modern smartphones.

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Live22 uses only very advanced security systems, which has revolutionized the way we make online slot gambling. Combine modern design and architecture with the on-line online slot machine gaming experience and enjoy the Royal Online Slots gaming experience, whether you are an experienced gambler or a casual gamer seeking cheap excitement, we have it all.


IOS installation guide:


1. Enter into "".

2. Click the Download Live22 IOS version.


3. Wait till the download is fully complete. 

4. This shows the app is currently untrusted to use, next to open the usage. 

5. Go to "Setting".

6. Click into General.

7. Click into "Device Management".

8. Espon (China) Co.,Ltd is the server from Live22, select it.


9. Trust the server as below.

10. Click "Trust" again. 

11. This is shown as "Verified". You next can open the app accordingly. 

12. Remember to register yourself an account from our lovely customer service via online available. Enjoy the game and hope you all have a nice day. 😍



🎞How to contact Live22 customer service?

Customer service is ready in 24 hours and they will threaten you here. 24/7 service, the goal is immediate, can improve customer satisfaction and meet their needs. Customers are our number one priority. For any withdrawal request, you can contact us via live chat, telegram, Whatsapp or WeChat. Know any issues. The information provided is below.


🤗What is Live22 and anyone can play in the game?

Live22 is a very popular online casino game in Southeast Asia. Citizens from Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and more Asian countries mostly use this platform to place bets and can also enjoy their games. IOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX devices directly support this function. This status is very useful, everyone can download it, and it is very easy to play it anywhere, whether at home or relaxing in the kitchen. Live22 gives you an Internet connected world, you don't have to worry about traffic, people or casino rooms. There are many options, you can choose mini slot games or live games. Complete facilities and facilities. Do you want to find games directly? Slot machine? Customer service? We are here.

Whoever has the slot to register a gaming account with Live22, that person must be over 21 years of age and in full discipline. One can only register an account / wallet, to access Live22 games. Insufficient budget / cash in the wallet will not be able to participate in any bets or may leave the room, between games because the player does not have the total spend.


⛳What is Live22 and what is an interesting game?

Live22 is an online casino gaming platform that provides many mini slot games and live online games. Various themes and games hidden in Live22, and waiting for everyone to download and explore.

Live22 has two top choice games, slot games and live games. Here are the most popular level games distributed on Live 22:

1. Samurai Sensei - full of Japanese cultural style, with full J-pop background and audio effects.

2. Rhino Crash - South African forest suitable as a background game. Crocodile, deer, flamingo, cheetah and rhino help you to your way to jackpot win.

3. Samurai Heroes - Decorated in the traditional Japanese Warrior style, shuriken and sumo as icons, appearing in high-quality graphics.


🎳 How to put your money into your game credit?

As always, your first deposit in cash is credited to your game account by contacting customer service. Your next deposit will be the same, first to contact inform the customer, and continue to perform the transfer action.


👑Where can I get a demo account?

Contact our customer service, stating that you need a Live22 demo account ID. Username and password will be provided, do not try to reset the password yes. There are no leaks from Live22 security system and high work efficiency by customer service (backend staff). We will take action if that happens.

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