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Wala Meron online cockfighting knife - on this cockfighting fight, Wala and Meron use a small knife on their feet to kill the enemy in just a few seconds.

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Wala vs Meron gambling cockfighting online - why is the name Wala or Meron created we will give an explanation, because the ancestors of the Philippines have given the name Wala as a marker for challenger chickens which are specifically fought in the cockfight derby arena and the name Meron comes from defending chicken to be pitted back to defend the champion.



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🧨What is Wala vs Meron?

It's a placing bet game which both roosters are fighting with each other, which will win? They can be a tie round at the end of match. 


🎨How to play with PC?

This game can be played by only live playing with using portal (Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge etc.) Click the link below to play: https://www.sv388.com/?711228091


🎉How to get the free ID account for demo?

Try to contact our Customer Support Sky777.fun and we will give the ID once has approved. 


🎈Is it safe to play?

Yes, it's safe to play as it has been secured by most stable server and hosting in which was certified by owner and developer team who provide backend.